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Hose Insulation Options

Prevent condensation and keep the surface temperature of chiller hose close to ambient, regardless of media temperature. Condensation can be a major issue at a semiconductor fab because of the volatile and highly dangerous fluids used in the chip manufacturing process. Every drip/leak that is detected can be viewed as a possible hazardous fluid, causing the tool or fab to be shut down for safety reasons. In other low temperature applications (such as Joule-Thompson effect with pressure drop), insulated hose will reduce or eliminate ice build-up on the outside of fluid system components, which can affect their performance.

Swagelok hose insulation also minimizes heat loss over the length of the hose and keeps the media temperature stable and consistent from beginning to end. A lack of insulation will require higher levels of cooling energy and affect the temperature stability at the semiconductor fab tool.

Y Insulation Option

  • Rated for continuous hose surface temperature use from -53°C (-65°F) up to 125°C (257°F).
  • Low thermal conductivity aerogel insulation material minimizes the bulk needed to achieve desired surface temperatures.
  • Flexible polyolefin heat shrink cover enables the product to be flexible, vapor permeation resistant, and abrasion resistant.
  • Silicone boots at hose ends protect the insulation