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Swagelok Singapore

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Customer Service Excellence


Swagelok Singapore is continuously providing services to meet your evolving fluid system needs while keeping in mind that cost efficiency is a priority.

Supply Chain Management and Support

Supply Chain performance is vital to streamline business management.  Swagelok Singapore continually monitors the products you use and provide the products you require, on time to meet your needs.  Our records show that more than 95% of orders are delivered on time and we are constantly finding ways to improve.  We help ensure product availability through consignment and emergency delivery.   

Consignment – Inventory on your premises but not on your books until you need it.  

Emergency Delivery – Products and back-up equipment delivered quickly in urgent situations.

Our dedication to Customer Focus will help you contend with ever-tighter budgets and fewer resources. We continually strive for improvements each day and for greater efficiencies in our operations, allowing us to invest more in our people and operations.  We want our service to have real value and we have the integrity to think beyond the immediate sale.