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Swagelok Singapore, Philippines and Bruwell

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Associate Spotlight

Ching Soo Mei

Meet Soo Mei, one of our hardworking Sales Engineers who has been with us for 7 years. She thinks the company is a great place to work at – and we couldn't agree more. In this Associate Spotlight, Soo Mei shares with us her journey in Swagelok, who she is and what allows her to bring her full self to work.

Her main responsibility at Swagelok involves connecting with customers to understand their challenges, specific requirements and determine a unique solution to address their need. Most importantly, she ensures to bring them value while doing so. Swagelok and its associates take pride in providing our customers value in whatever we do – whether it is supporting a simple product enquiry or a building a complex assembly. We do this through a strong focus on our 6 values, a close connection to each other, and a shared inspiration to do the right thing.

Recently, Soo Mei's biggest achievement was providing a 5-panel project for a customer. Despite being given a short lead time, she and her team of technicians, engineers and customer service managed to meet the end user's schedule. We appreciate their hard work!

Outside of the office, Soo Mei frequently spends time with her family by visiting museums, parks, and playgrounds. She is a mother of an adorable little girl, and finds herself enjoying every minute with her when she is not working. Soo Mei’s current role model is Coco Chanel, a French fashion designer and businesswoman, and one of the very practical things to cross off her bucket list is to pay off her housing loan. This is motivation for her to work harder, something we'll always support at Swagelok Singapore. Just like any other associates in here, Soo Mei is an essential part of our team that keeps the company going. We have made some great achievements and that is all thanks to their hard work and dedication.

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Associate Spotlight

Rajasegaran “Raj” A/L Munion

Learn more about our field engineer, Rajasegaran Munion! Discover who he is and what motivates him to be a part of Swagelok.